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ACE Education provides a unique opportunity for students (Gr. 8+) to gain valuable life experience before beginning university. In this program, students are matched with an experienced mentor and counselor who work with them over the course of several years. Students will gain work experience, learn valuable life skills not taught in schools, and receive helpful advice from a trusted mentor. In this program, students also learn to think critically about personal choices, to consider consequences, to plan for the future, and to become self-aware. Mentors will encourage students to pursue extracurricular activities beneficial to student progress, and will guide students in creating invaluable portfolios for university admissions.


Included Pathway Package Features

  • A dedicated Mentor to advise and prepare students for their applications
  • A hardworking Counselor to help students stay on track, and to deal with parent inquiries
  • Group support functions, through WeChat and video chat
  • Assistance with course selection and exam scheduling
  • Guided discussions reviewing schools and study fields of interest
  • Guidance with choosing extracurriculars
  • Assistance with planning study breaks
  • Resumé creation

Mentors & Counselors

We have a wide variety of packages available, depending on the needs of each student.

In Grade 9, 10, or 11 and want the full Pathway program? Students will not only get help with their University applications, but also have an Academic Mentor to assist them with their weak study areas, a Guidance Counselor to facilitate choosing Volunteer and Work Experience options that match student interests and goals, and to help manage their schedule.

In Grade 12 and just want help with University Applications? We do that too!

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Bonus Discounts!

All students signed up for our Pathway program will be eligible for 10% discount* for any other services provided by ACE and VDA, such as writing or debate classes.
(*this discount cannot be combined with any other promotion)