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We are an education and university admissions consultancy based in Westside Vancouver (Kerrisdale). We provide expert guidance to parents and their kids on how to plan for and attain admissions to elite US and Canadian universities.  Ace Education also offers programs in Reading & Writing, Exam Prep, and ESL.


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University Pathway

University Pathway Program

Match with a team of experienced mentor and counselor to plan for your future

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Test Prep

Boost your school mark and prepare for your college entrance exam.

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University Tours

Visit your dream schools and talk to current university students to hear their college experiences.

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University Application

Create invaluable portfolios for university admissions.

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Our Skilled Team

Our Skilled


“ After trying many English tutors, there were no significant improvements, until I joined the one-on-one program with Mike. The writing process and the whole grading system were GREAT! You will learn how to write a perfect essay from head to tail following a streamlined set of essay structure progressions. ”

_Andy Zhang,

University of Illinois U-C: Computer Science
“...I learned so much from them about writing and critical thinking, and more importantly about who I am and who I want to be. For example, while helping me prepare for key college interviews spanning a list of universities, Mike instructed me on specifically what to say and not say during these meetings, what to ask and not ask. Yet he still coached me to be myself throughout the process. He also conducted model interviews that enabled me to practice ‘thinking on my feet’ while recognizing the specific audience I would be interacting with...”

_Bella Wang,

New York University: International Relations
“ ... Mike is a fun and informative instructor who has a very enjoyable teaching style. He also encourages you to share what we are learning at school and explain any problems or hardships we’re experiencing. He will give advice that will help us overcome the obstacles. Because of his cheerful personality, I see Mike as an accommodating friend rather than a tutor. Over the years, Mike and I have gotten to know each other very well. I would like to thank him for his services in helping me improve my writing, and especially getting into my dream school!...”

_Bobby Zheng,

Art Center of College and Design
“...When I worked with Michael, I could meet in his office whenever I felt it was necessary to meet. All of the discussion and meetings were face to face. We discussed the best universities in Canada. Also, we discussed the future and field that I wanted to pursue. Later in the essay writing, Mike ... helped me discover suitable anecdotes among the experiences that would appeal to the white people in the admission departments. He helped me develop essays that not only demonstrated a brave and resilient human being who is willing to challenge himself, but also one who could admit his quirks and disadvantages… ”

_Brian Ren,

UBC: Engineering
“… I joined Mike in grade 7, and throughout the years, I feel that my classes and conversations with him not only helped strengthen my ability as a writer, but also my knowledge of literature and my understanding of the English language and culture. ...And because I applied to so many schools (8 in total!) it was hard to keep it all organized; without Mike, I probably would of ended up sending stuff to schools that was meant for other schools, and missing deadlines. It was such a relief having him around to do much of the hard detail work.”

_Jack Guo,

New York University: Digital Art & Design
“...after attending only a few sessions, I realized that [Mike Mityok] had something more valuable for me. Although he taught me how to write with better grammar, vocabulary, structure, etc., his true influence on me was helping me broaden my perspective on life, and discovering myself and my art through writing. Mike too was there to guide me during my admissions nightmare, and his expertise about each of the schools for Architecture, what each school and its faculty are noted for, was decisive in my decisions of where and how to apply...”

_Jimmy Chen,

Cornell: Architecture
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